Monthly Archives: August 2015


It’s August…and millions will hit the road this month. Whether cross country or around the corner, vacations with your pup can be extra fun! However, if you do plan to take your dog along for the ride, some simple precautions can pave the way for a smooth trip.

  • Use restraint! You would never let a child ride in the car without a seatbelt, and the same holds true for our furbabies. It’s a lot safer for everyone if your dog is securely fastened and/or confined to the back seat during car trips.


  • Don’t forget to attach an ID tag with your cell phone number to his collar or better yet get a collar with the number stitched in.  Most folks make the mistake of listing their home numbers; it won’t be helpful if no one’s home.


  • Keep them busy! Bring Kongs, chew toys and other busy treats to keep your dog both calm and entertained.


  • Make sure the hotel, bed-and-breakfast or campsite where you plan to stay allows dogs. A great resource is com or


  • Be sure to bring extras of all pet supplies: collars, leashes, food, medication and bowls and blankets.


  • It is always a good idea to travel with vaccination records and a photo of your pet.


  • Beware of the temperature – hot days feel even hotter to your pup. Keep him hydrated and never EVER leave a dog in a hot car even for a moment.