We will begin our “Ask the Expert” series with Rosemary, Pets A GoGo groomer. If you have a question for one of our experts, please email us anytime at


What made you become a groomer?

My love for animals, since I was a kid, especially dogs.  My mom loved animals and we took in many strays. We had a total of nine dogs at one time.  I used to brush and bathe them. My twin brother and I used to find animals and we tried to find owners.  Can’t begin to tell you how many strays we found homes for.  If not, we kept them.

What kinds of animals can you groom? 

I groom dogs and cats.
Whats your favorite breed to groom? 

My favorite  breed is Shih Tzu.
Should you shave your dog for the summer? 

No, trim yes.  Their hair is there to protect their skin in the winter and to protect them from sunburn in the summer.
Can you tell if a dog will shed? 

All dogs shed!
How often should you bathe your dog? 

Every six to eight weeks.
How can you prevent or cut down on shedding? 

Use furminating products and BRUSH their hair often, at least once a week.
What kinds of products do you suggest for bathing and grooming at home? 

Depends on dog coat.  Grimeinator is my best for all for all fur types.

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