Barbecues.  Swimming. Fireworks…all summer staples for us humans…but can be hazardous for your furbaby.  Here are some tips to have a great summer for everyone in the family.


On steamy summer days, the lure of cooling off in the pool can be fun for you and your pets. But it is important to note that pool safety issues for pets are almost synonymous with those for children. It only takes a few minutes of distraction for either one to fly out the door and into the pool.

Here are just a few of the issues to keep in mind:

  • DON’T assume your dog can swim naturally.
  • Make sure your dog knows a safe way to exit the pool (stairs)
  • Swimming is strenuous exercise- proceed with caution as senior dogs could slip and fall into a pool or may not have the stamina to make it back to safety
  • Heat and sunlight are more intense around a pool, so watch for signs of overheating.
  • Don’t let your dog drink from the pool; the chlorine will make him sick.


The excitement of a fireworks show in the summer night sky is a delight for the whole family. But the noise and energy may be too much for your dog to handle. Before taking Fido to see the fireworks, please consider:

  • loud noises and bright lights can easily frighten your pet, which can cause him to run away. If you must bring your dog along, make sure they are securely on a leash before the fireworks start
  • If the fireworks are set off near your pet, beware of impact injury or burns from setting off the fireworks as well as the ashes afterwards


As pet owners fire up the grill for a fun-filled  barbeque, there are many seemingly harmless dangers to their pets.

  • Traditional BBQ foods such as corn on the cob and bones from meat can be deadly or cause serious gastrointestinal problems in pets
  • Discarded objects attached to flavorful foods (skewers, string, foil, etc.) can also be tempting (and dangerous)
  • If you are hosting a party at your home, be aware that a dog may feel territorial; don’t assume a normally friendly dog will not be overwhelmed by having strangers in their space


Wishing you a happy, fun, and SAFE summer!

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